Rec Room Amusements - Pinball Slingshot Plastics

Here is a list of some pinball slingshot plastics that we currently have available for sale.  Prices are cash and carry.   They are a SET OF 2 (left and right side) unless otherwise noted.    

NOS = new old stock (these are new unused originals)

The Champion Pub Bally NOS $49.95
Indy 500 Bally NOS $49.95
Lethal Weapon 3 Data East left - excellent, right -NOS $39.95
Fishtales Williams excellent $39.95
The Shadow Bally NOS $49.95
Jurassic Park Data East near mint $42.95
Guns N Roses Data East near mint $49.95
Hook Data East left NOS, right -excellent $39.95
Tales of the Arabian Nights Williams NOS $49.95
Twilight Zone Bally NOS $49.95
Twilight Zone Bally excellent $39.95
South Park Sega NOS $49.95
Tommy  Data East near mint $44.95
Tales From the Crypt Data East excellent $39.95
Austin Powers Stern NOS $49.95
World Cup Soccer Bally right only - NOS $24.95
NBA Fastbreak Bally left only - NOS $24.95
Playboy Bally 1978 left side only - excellent $22.95
Demolition Man Williams left side only - near mint $19.95
Dr. Who Bally left side only - excellent $17.95
Tales of the Arabian Nights Williams right side only - NOS $24.95
Indiana Jones Williams left side only - excellent $19.95
Indiana Jones Williams both sides broken tips $24.95
Dr. Who Bally left side only - excellent $19.95
Twilight Zone Bally right side only - near mint $22.95
Star Wars Data East (92) left - very good, right -broken tip $27.95

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