Rec Room Amusements

Bally/Midway Video Game List




1975 Sea Wolf
1978 Blue Shark
Bowling Alley track ball game
Space Invaders licensed from Taito
1979 Sea Wolf II
Galaxian licensed from Namco
1980 Pac-Man licensed from Namco
Rally X
1981 Bosconian licensed from Namco
Galaga licensed from Namco
Kickman Pac-Man spin-off
Ms. Pac-Man licensed from Namco
Omega Race vector graphics
Wizard of Wor
1982 Blue Print
Pac-Man Plus licensed from Namco
Satan's Hollow
Solar Fox
Super Pac-Man licensed from Namco
Tron based on the movie
1983 Baby Pac-Man video-pinball combination
Domino Man
Journey based on the rock group
Jr. Pac-Man
Mappy licensed from Namco
Spy Hunter
Tri-Sports billiards, mini-golf, bowling
1984 Demolition Derby
NFL Football
Root Beer Tapper parents outraged by "beer" Tapper
Tapper sponsored by Budweiser
Two Tigers
1986 Rampage
1987 Maximum RPM
1988 Pac-Man 88'
1990 Trog
1991 Pigskin 621 a.d.
Terminator II based on the movie
1992 Mortal Kombat
Total Carnage
1993 Mortal Kombat II
1994 Killer Instinct
Revolution X featuring Aerosmith
Cruisin USA
1995 Mortal Kombat 3
WWF Wrestlemania
NHL Open Ice
1996 NBA Hangtime
Killer Instinct II
Cruisin The World
1997 NFL Blitz
Off Road Challenge
Mortal Kombat 4
Rampage World Tour
1998 Hyperdrive
NFL Blitz 99
1999 Invasion:  The Abductors
Hydro Thunder
NFL Bllitz 2000
NBA Showtime
Cruisin Exotica
2000 Off Road Thunder
Cart Fury
Gauntlet Dark Legacy
2001 Arctic Thunder
The Grid

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